Most surprising laws in the US

The laws of one country are usually governed by reason and morality. However, some laws may be surprising to common people, making them scratch their heads and wondering “why was this passed in the first place?” Here, we will cover some of the most surprising laws that are enforced in the United States, usually only on a state level.

Plastic Bags Are Banned In California

This one might not be so surprising after all. Plastic bags are generally bad for the environment, and although many people still use them all over the world, California might be taking a step forward in the right direction. This law might not come as strange in the coming years.

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up of Living On a Boat

You are actually not allowed to live on a boat for more than one month in the state of Georgia. So don’t make your retirement plans in Georgia, or at least don’t go for long-lasting fishing trips.

Minors Are Allowed To Drink In Illinois?

Yes, they are, but only if they are currently attending a culinary school throughout the state. However, this might not be the way it seems. You are not allowed to swallow the alcoholic beverage, but only to sip and spit it. This may be logical to some extent, as it only allows culinary minors to have a notion of the alcohol’s taste.

Go Slow When Riding A Horse In Indiana

Some high-speed horse races caused a few casualties back in the day, so Indiana passed a law in which you the speed limit for riding a horse is 10 miles per hour. Maybe not so strange considering the safety factor, but no other state has this particular law.

You CAN Divorce in Kentucky…But Only A Few Times

A woman that is residing in the state of Kentucky can not get married for more than three times. Most women don’t, but it never hurts to know the details of marital law. Apparently, the state of Kentucky truly believes that third time’s a charm.

Fortune Tellers, Be Aware!

A fortune teller must live in the state of Massachusetts for at least one year before getting a proper licence. You are also doing an illegal activity if you are paying a psychic in Pennsylvania.

Have You Ever Shared Your Netflix Password?

If you have and you are in Tennessee, take care as doing this may have you end up in jail for practicing illegal activities. This can be somewhat understandable, as some hackers sell credentials for a lower price than a monthly Netflix account. However, you are not excluded from this law even if you share the password with your friends or family.

Too Old For Trick-Or-Treating

There really is such a thing in the state of Virginia. The law prohibits kids over the age of twelve to engage in this type of activity on Halloween. You also can’t wear a mask in public in Virginia at any given day of the year.